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Sol Mexican Cantina has been serving fresh cooked-to-order Mexican cuisine for over a decade!. We've brought together dishes from a variety of regions throughout Mexico, as well as the more well known traditional favorites.


To go along with the 100+ Tequila list and extensive margarita menu, we also boast one of the finest craft beer selections on draft in central New Jersey. With an ever-rotating selection from hundreds of breweries, there is always something new on tap - with a concentration on the wonderful local breweries that have produced some of the finest beers in the country!


The lively atmosphere lends itself to a fun night out with the family, drinks with friends after work or parties for that special celebration!

Take the GORDO Challenge!

Different Specials every night of the Week at the Bar!

From Beer Fests and Tastings to Tequila Dinners and Beer Road Trips!

SOL is the perfect place to celebrate your birthday!

Take down a 4 lb Burrito

in 30 minutes or less and win a Gordo T-shirt,

become immortalized on our

Wall of Fame

and the Burrito's FREE!

(Only 13 people have conquered it so far!)

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